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Optometrist Midland

Optometrist near Midland, MI

When you are looking for an optometrist in Midland, you need convenience and flexibility, along with good care. Associates in Eyecare is just minutes away from Midland and offers both, with several optometrists serving our office and easy to reach locations. When you need an optometrist who is easily reached from Midland look no further than Associates in Eyecare.

It is recommended that you have an eye exam once every year, to monitor changes in the eyes and keep them healthy. Having up to date prescriptions on your corrective lenses can alleviate problems with eye strain and headaches, and an annual exam can detect diseases early, before any damage is done to the eye. Pediatric eye exams are also recommended for children, especially if they are in school. Problems with grades or headaches can be helped with a fix as simple as getting a good pair of eyeglasses. We offer such comprehensive eye exams at Associates in Eyecare.

Thinking of making a change from wearing glasses? A contact lens fitting may be the right option for you. Contact lenses can give you the freedom to wear any style of sunglasses, and they don’t scratch or smear like traditional eyeglasses. If you want to give up corrective lenses entirely, our optometrist near Midland offers Lasik consultation and evaluation to see if the procedure is right for your eyes.

Knowing the health condition of your eyes is beneficial if you have a chronic eye health problem, such as cataracts. If you’ve noticed changes in your vision, ask our optometrist near Midland for an evaluation of the health of your eyes. Thinking ahead can mean avoiding permanent damage from glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other problems. If you find that you do have vision damage, Associates in Eyecare offers evaluations for surgical procedures, such as cataract removal, to help you be informed about the procedures and answer questions you may have.

Your eyes are important, and they should receive the most attentive care to keep them in good health for as long as possible. We offer the following services to keep your eyes in top health:

  • Eye exams (pediatric and comprehensive)
  • Contact lens fittings
  • Behavioral vision evaluations
  • Vision enhancements for athletes
  • Vision therapy
  • Lasik and other surgery evaluations.

At Associates in Eyecare, an optometrist serving Midland, you can know that you will get the best care for your eyes to keep them health for years.

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