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Our Optometry Clinic

Visit Our Optometry Clinic
For Expert Eye Care in Saginaw and Hemlock, MI

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Dr. Steven Kocks, Dr. Kylie Kaczmarczyck, and Dr. Reese Engel
Your Eye Doctors in Saginaw & Hemlock, MI

Our practice is dedicated to understanding the full scope of our patients’ visual needs, which can range from spectacle corrections to ocular health issues and visual perception problems.

At Associates in Eyecare, our optometrists take the time to get to know you and your eyes to ensure you receive the proper treatment. Our Saginaw and Hemlock optometry clinics also welcome residents of nearby Bay City and the surrounding locations.

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Schedule an appointment at our eye care clinic today for expert eye care in Saginaw and Hemlock!

  • Eye Health
    Our office utilizes up-to-date equipment for photographing the inside of the eye as well as scanning the nerve layer which may be affected by many different diseases.
  • Eye Exam
    Our office evaluates the clarity with which one sees, the muscle coordination of the eyes, and the focusing flexibility for all working distances. These findings are utilized in the prescribing of different types of lenses for our patients’ visual needs.
  • Contact Lenses
    Contact lenses have gone through significant changes over the last few years. Different types of materials and lens designs now allow us to fit more patients than ever before. Some of the complicated cases that could not be corrected in the past can now be fit.
  • Behavioral Vision Evaluations
    Our present day visual demands have created excessive visual stress and in many cases spectacles are not the only answer. This approach has been useful for people with computer-related eyestrain, individuals of all ages with vision-related reading difficulties and closed-head injuries.
  • Vision Therapy
    An individualized program of activities to build skills needed for daily visual demands.
  • Vision Enhancement for Athletics
    Testing and training activities can help enhance athletic performance in many different sports.
  • Lasik Evaluation and Other Surgical Procedures for Vision Correction
    One of the newest methods of correcting blurred vision has been the use of refractive surgery. We work with area surgeons, conduct pre-surgical evaluations and perform post-surgical care.

Whether you need a Hemlock Optometrist or a Saginaw Eye Doctor, the eye care specialists at Associates In Eyecare welcome you to our practice. We will provide quality care for all of your optometry needs.

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