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Helping Lazy Eyes Get Active

Are you worried your son or daughter has a lazy eye? Amblyopia comes about when the brain shuts off or suppresses vision in one eye. This might happen if someone struggles to see well through one eye due to issues with distance vision, and in some cases, astigmatism. Working in conjunction with corrective glasses, a reliable treatment option is placing an eye patch on your child's eye for a number of hours per day to boost vision in the lazy eye. Patching.

A lot of parents have trouble fitting their kids with eye patches, especially when they're on the younger side. When the stronger eye is patched, it makes it harder for your child to see. It may be hard to justify the process to a young child; that they must patch their strong eye to improve their weaker eye, but that weak eyesight is precisely what makes patching so hard. But don't worry; there are quite a few methods that make eyepatches a little easier for kids to wear. Using a reward chart with stickers given when the patch is worn can really work for some kids. Patch manufacturers understand the issue; patches are sold in loads of patterns and colors that kids can get excited about. Involve your child in the process and make it an activity by allowing them to choose their patch every day and then putting a sticker on the chart when the patch stays on. Older kids can usually understand the patching process, so it's worthwhile to sit and talk to them about it.

Maybe you can wear a patch also, or maybe put a patch on one of their favorite toys.

Patches are a great solution to lazy eyes and can be very successful, but it depends on your child's cooperation and your ability to remain focused on the long-term goal of improving your child's vision.

You are welcome to call Associates In Eyecare for more information about lazy eyes and how to get your eyes active.

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